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All professional divers and those moving into the remunerated Instructors role in sport diving require an annual HSE Divers Medical Examination with an AMED (Approved Medical Examiner of Divers). The list of AMEDs for each area of the UK is listed on the HSE website where you can find all other information on diving.

Divers in a hyperbaric chamberIf there are any medical conditions listed on your questionnaire it is advisable to discuss these with Dr Bray before your medical examination. Confirmation of a disqualifying medical condition at this stage may avoid the expense of proceeding to a full initial HSE medical examination. 

At SWIMS your first medical includes a blood test, ECG (electrocardiogram), audiometry, (hearing test), spirometry (lung function tests) urine test, tympanometry (measurement of movement of the eardrum), blood pressure check, weight and BMI (body mass index), a fitness test (step test) and dental check. You will also have a detailed clinical examination.

If you have any questions about the medical aspect of diving please feel free to talk to us before booking your medical.

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